Features built by an umpire, for umpires.

Our Always Free Featureset

Unlimited Organizations

If you run multiple Umpiring organizations, or simply need to segment who gets access to what rulesets, we've got you covered.

Unlimited Rulesets

Each organization can store an unlimited number of rulesets, giving your umpires access to everything they need.

Unlimited Administrators

Unlimited administrators gives you the ability to allow others to control rulesets, announcements and more.

Push Notification Announcements

Push updates to your umpires quickly and have it appear directly on their device for any reason.

Currently in Beta
These features are currently in beta but usable. They may or may not stay free.

Scheduling Umpires & Assignments

Upload a CSV of the schedules you need to assign umpires to, and it will notify umpires of their assignments, allowing them to accept or decline them, giving you plenty of time to pivot.

Live Chat Features

Chat with your umpires, and give them an easy way to chat with you.

Assignment Reports

Figure out what you're paying out per umpire per month, and more.

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