What is an Umpire Cheat Sheet? ALL the Rules You Need to Know

The umpire cheat sheet is a quick and easy reference guide for an umpire to have on them during their games of softball, baseball and slo-pitch.

You can access the Umpire Cheat Sheet through our website, and also download the mobile app to have on you at all times!

The Umpire Cheat Sheet is a system that contains ALL of the important rules and regulations that umpires need to know to keep games running smoothly, fairly, and on time.

The most helpful rules that you can find in our Umpire Cheat Sheet are:

  • Uniform Requirements

  • Number of Innings per game

  • Home Run Rules

  • Pitch Height

  • Approved Bat List

  • Runner’s Anticipation Rules

Check out the rest of the list in our blog, and learn how to easily add your own league rules to the Umpire Cheat Sheet today!

What Rules are Typically Found in the Umpire Cheat Sheet?

You can find any and all rules within the Umpire Cheat Sheet, from what to wear to how long games should run.

Add as many or as few rules as you’d like to your own league in the system, and your umpires will easily be able to access this information at all times.

Umpire Cheat Sheet Rules Include:

  • Uniform Policies - What to Wear as an Umpire?

  • Number of Innings per Game

  • When to Call Last Inning

  • Minimum Number of Players for Softball, Baseball or Slo-Pitch Games

  • Home Run Rules

  • Pitch Height

  • Runner’s Anticipation Rules

  • Tiebreaker Rules

  • Courtesy Runners

  • Max Runs Per Inning

  • Mercy Rule

  • Tags at Home (Allowed or Not)

  • Throw To First From Outfield (Allowed or Not)

  • Approved Bat List

  • Any Additional Rules - Customize your very own rule sets!

No matter where or when you host your league, your umpires are guaranteed to have a much easier time running games smoothly when they utilize the Umpire Cheat Sheet system.

Don’t see a rule above that your league needs? No problem! You can add as many rules as you’d like with custom text specific to your league rules. Leave any important information for your umpires in your league ruleset, and they’ll be able to see your notes anytime, anywhere.

Get started by adding your own custom league rules to the Umpire Cheat Sheet today.